People using renewable energyGreen Power. . . the power to change lives

People living in rural Vanuatu, and throughout the developing Pacific, have limited access to modern energy services. However, access to improved energy services is essential for sustainable development and the eradication of poverty.

Green power, also known as renewable energy or power from nature or infinite power, can provide power for these improvements with virtually no negative environmental impact. Additionally, there are minimal recurrent costs, as the energy sources are local and infinite (like the sun and wind). Through our commitment to employing and promoting clean energy products, we are working to minimize negative impact on the environment in Vanuatu.

. . . the power to educate
The ability to study after sunset can have an enormous impact on the community as a whole, by:

  • Increasing literacy levels
  • Enabling schoolchildren to progress faster
  • Decreasing drop-out rate

. . . the power to communicate, inform, and entertain

  • Power radios for communication and information
  • Enable wireless rural telephony (charge mobile phones)
  • Access to news media

. . . the power to lead healthier lives

  • Light in health centres enables 24-hour medical care
  • Enables use of medical appliances such as microscopes
  • Power to refrigerate vaccines
  • Eliminates indoor air pollution and fires caused by kerosene

. . . the power to eradicate poverty

  • Extends the length of the productive day
  • Facilitates income generation through micro-enterprise establishment

. . . the power to protect our environment

  • No pollution from fuels
  • Significantly reduces battery waste


Green Power. . . Empowering and Illuminating